Uttara Kannada is district of Karnataka state which is known as foot hills of northern Western ghats. In the present scenario tourism is fast growing industry and Uttara Kannada district is having a thumb on tourism industry. The travellers are attracted towards the culture, living, food habits, waterfalls, historical monuments, religious places, environment adventures of the district.

Uttara Kannada is a region which is a God blessed place where on one side the hillocks with a range of Western Ghats on the other feeding the hillocks by the mother sea. The district has ample opportunities for nature tourism. The wish is that the nature of the district should not be disturbed along with a way to earn a livelihood to the inhabitants of the district without disturbing the culture and cultural habitats of the district.

Organization has taken this tourism as pilot project from January 2010 to attract the tourists with a slogan of ‘Nammanege Banni (Visit My Home)’.


  • Sustainability.
  • Cultural hospitality.
  • Conservation through education.


  • Involvement of localities is more important while developing tourism spots. In this direction motivate to localities so as create employment opportunities.
  • Spread information and importance of nature, local culture and folk art and food habits to tourists.
  • Awareness creation among tourists and the students to keep the vicinity clean.
  • Identification of the places facing hurdles.
  • Motivate and guidance to students and localities to become promoter or make home stay and tie-up with them for organisations activities.

With this concept organisation conduct various types of tourism activities like Cultural tour, trekking, nature workshops etc. The main objective of all these tourism activity is involve localities in every step of activities and generate income to them.