Managing team;

Balachandra Sayimane:


President and Co-Founder of the TREC. He is Landscape Ecologist and practicing farmer, living in a remote village near Sirsi, Uttara Kannada district. He did his International Masters (M.Sc.) in Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation from University of Greifswald, Germany. He also completed short training courses related to ‘Sustainable Forest Management, Biodiversity Conservation and Monitoring, Restoration Ecology, MSP in Process in Natural Resources Management, and NTFP; from Wageningen University, The Netherlands, Los Banos University of Philippines, University of Bolzano-Bozen, Italy, NAAN-WAU, Nepal and MOST-INBAR, China. He was awarded several fellowships and awards including, Nuffic (The Netherlands), ITTO (Japan), GETIDOS-Getting Things Done Sustainably (Germany), and Kinship fellowship, USA.

He regularly writes about ecology and sustainable agriculture in local language. He has been awarded CAM agricultural media award for best agriculture feature during 2007.

Besides farming he is also actively involved in wildlife and nature conservation in Western Ghats since last fifteen years. He played a key role in declaring four conservation reserves in Uttara Kannada district. (Dandeli-Anshi Tiger reserve, Hornbill conservation reserve, Bedthi-Aghanashini conservation reserve and Kathalekaan-LTM conservation reserve). He has been nominated as Honorary Wildlife Warden for Uttara Kannada district. He is the person responsible for conservation section in TREC. Presently studying land use change, ecosystem services and conservation prospects in Western Ghat region.

Dr. Harsha:


Co-founder and researcher, associated with TREC. Working as scientist at Regional Medical Research Centre (ICMR) Belgum. Ph D in plant sciences and having special interest in traditional systems of medicine, especially herbal drugs. Also working on ecology and conservation of medicinal plants. Member of various committees; editor for several journals; recognised guide from various Universities; published scientific papers in journals of repute and guiding students for Ph.D. He is looking after the Research wing of TREC, where presently 3 elements viz. (i) Documentation of local plant resources and their socio-economic relations with the community therein (ii) Local traditional health practices (LTHPs) and their revitalization and (iii) Studies on selected medicinal plants for their ecological adaptations are being worked upon.


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Who is the main key of TREC. After graduation, working with and for nature. Expert in Trekking, which is his field of interest. Photography and Snake rescue is his passion. Trained from herpetologist and well known reptile specialist in the region. Conducts various awareness campaigns in schools, colleges and to villagers about snakes and nature. He is the person responsible for tourism section in TREC, along with its complete management.