• Research/ Facilitator to researcher

Being located in the rural setup and in the hearts of Western Ghats, TREC is working on local resources.

  • Documentation of local plant resources and their socio-economic relations with the community therein:

It is well known fact that Western Ghats is one of the global biodiversity hotspots. Even after efforts of Centuries, the diverse flora and fauna in the region is not complete in its documentation. Hence TREC is making an effort to document the floral diversity in the region scientifically and systematically. In addition, efforts are also being made to correlate their utility in terms of socio economic and cultural factors of local community.

  • Local traditional health practices (LTHPs) and their revitalization:

The diversity of the plants and that of in cultures of various communities residing in the area, resulted in diverse utility patterns of the floral resources. TREC is sincerely working to document the traditional medicinal practices in the region, which are practiced over generations. It is aimed to preserve the age old tradition for future and also to facilitate their scientific evaluation and validation for the betterment of humankind.

  • Studies on selected medicinal plants for their ecological adaptations:

As we, the humans, plants are also very specific in changing their characteristics to suite the changes in their environment. This is their survival strategy against changing ecological setups. TREC is looking in to the changing nature of some medicinal plants with respect to the season and varied geographic conditions.

It is planned to expand the horizon of research with time and needs, coupled with growth and sustainability in future.