• Living with Snakes (Snake – Human conflict)

Snakes are a magnificent species of the earth. People have misunderstood this ecosystem balancer from myths, scare and un education. There are more than 300 plus species of snakes in India. In this number, most of them are non venomous. Lots of people programmed in their mind that all snakes are venomous and they spread some disease. So they kill countless snakes every year. This fear has been transferred from across generations. In all the religions the snake is believed to be associated with evil and is feared. Only in Hindu Mythology only the Cobra is believed to be Godly & the rest of the species as evil.

But thanks to the few people who have surpassed themselves to the next level & ventured into the lives of snakes cracking many misbelieves & bringing light about the habits and life styles of these ecosystem balancer.

In the district North Cenara, Karnataka, our organisation make chain network of snake rescuer and collect rescue data every month from them for know the density and habitation. And also conduct awareness programmes in various schools, colleges and also in villages from last 3 years.

Now our organisation try to publish one small guide book about snakes in local language with the support of various people and free distribute it to localities.

  • Know our home first (Environment education)

The concept of this is educating the children’s on about our nature.

Key points:

  • Every month one subject.
  • Make a team of subject interested students and motivate them to collect data only from their schools and homes surrounded area.
  • Make a report from students and publish it every month.


  • Kids show more interest on nature and related subject.
  • Kids show more care about nature.
  • After all these, kids have more knowledge about what are in their home.

Recently we start this only in one school. But in the future, organisation should spread in more schools.