About the camp

1481178276288  Trees, animals, birds, insects and ourselves-human beings collectively form nature. Nature is around us, and within us, we are a mystery to other form of nature & others are mysterious to us. Together we learn & grow, sometimes share secrets & sometimes deny, in the process of learning, we see how beautiful all of us have formed this nature, all in sync.

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This learning process doesn’t happen around buildings or traffic jams or hustle bustle life in city, you will have to step out of all of these comfort zones to experience the essence of nature. One of such places, which shares this form of experience is “Drongo Nature Camp” situated around forest in Western Ghats in Sirsi.

Drongo Nature Camp was named after a bird “Drongo” which is very unique by its nature & appearance. It is an ethical nature camp which strongly believes in enjoying the nature, not enjoy in the nature. Micro creatures to mammals, reptiles to birds; you name it, you can find them here. Drongo Nature Camp is like a Wikipedia for Birders, Researchers, and Nature photographers, families who have interest towards nature, or if you want to just relax & rejuvenate.


The cottages here are built using naturally sustainable materials like Jaggery, lime, grass, paddy bread and mud. We try to maintain the harmony with nature as much as possible by harming them less and provide an eco friendly environment.


What do we offer

The rooms are well maintained, clean and cozy that keeps you fresh and fragile.

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Local Havyaka vegetarian cuisine is cooked in our kitchen with blended spices and freshly grown vegetables.

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Activities in Camp

Bird watching:

IMG_20170123_073050580 100 + varieties of birds have been documented in and around Drongo, take your steps together with an expert who can explain the specifications of a bird from fern to feather.

Forest walk:  Take a walk in the dense forest, listen to birds chirping & identify the species or watch for some act by micro creatures.

Night harping: Spend time with some interesting nocturnal creature, specially reptiles and amphibians.

River activity:  Spend your day or evening by the river-swim or lie down, close your eyes & listen to rhythm of nature.


Here is some activities snaps:

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*Plastic free zone-respect nature.

*No Camp fire-respect wood.

*No loud music-respect nature’s rhythm.

*Only Vegetarian food-respect local culture.

For booking & enquiries: Contact or WhatsApp us at 8495973656

Email us: treccamp@gmail.com

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